How much do you download in a month?

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How much (approximately) do you download in a month?

  1. 1 - 5GB

  2. 5 - 10GB

  3. 10 - 40GB

  4. 40 - 80GB

  5. 80 - 100GB

  6. 100 - 120GB

  7. 120 - 150GB

  8. 150 - 200GB

  9. 200 - 250GB

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  10. 250GB+

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  1. TheJeffsta

    TheJeffsta New Member

    Please be honest in this poll!

    I want to know how much people here really download. I am currently restricted by a 25GB/month limit, with excess being reduced to 64kbps or pay for more data to download.

    My ISP are starting to go towards unlimited in December, one of the 1st plans of its sort in the country (New Zealand). Currently NZ connections are limited to 5GB/month and all that, my cap is one of the biggest available (well ISP no longer offer it but it is one of the highest caps around, the only other one is 30GB which is $10 more and would have to change ISP).

    Keen for any discussion on data caps and restrictions. Also some unlimited plans in New Zealand are governed by fair use policies, such as 700MB a day and then get slowed down, and for everyone all P2P throttled during peak, etc. Some ISP's plan I read that say its an unlimited plan but if you download more than 20GB they will kick you off the plan - um... hello... thats not unlimited you idiots...

    PS - I know that usage each month may vary quite a lot, just select what you download on average. Also many American's do not watch how much they download so if you don't really know, just approxmiate, but try to be as accurate as you can :)
  2. Christopher

    Christopher Retired

    Of course I don't moniter how much I download. I just download.

    I'm guessing around 100gb.

    I think I'll track this month.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2007
  3. warlordste

    warlordste New Member

    i do alot of downloading games files uploading and redownloading files
  4. tsukunase

    tsukunase New Member

    At least 4-5TB pushed per month.
  5. TheJeffsta

    TheJeffsta New Member

    Crap, thats heaps... :S How many hard drives do go through?
  6. Brandon

    Brandon Former Senior Account Rep Community Support

    I usually go through 40-80 gb/month, it might be higher some months but that's the average, a little over a gig and a half a day.
  7. *Face

    *Face New Member

    I have a 20GB cap, but I usually do more since my ISP has unmetered bandwidth servers. I remember once using up the 20GB in one or two days, that was stupid (get shaped to really, really ****ty speeds afterwards, so I spent a month on like 256k)
  8. GamingX

    GamingX Executive Team

    I have an unlimited download connection, but my speed is very low, 128 kbps, so currently my downloads run at about 20-40 GB per month, and sometimes when it goes upto 50 GB, mostly download torrents.....
  9. Livewire

    Livewire Abuse Compliance Officer Staff Member

    80-100 depending how much old junk I usually delete.

    Every once in a while I just highlight E:\Torrentz and push delete. Right now that folder's at about 120gb, cleared it on august 29th, so...yeah, I'm aiming at about 80-100 I think >_<

    MAN I need to stop downloading old TV shows. Really.
  10. TheJeffsta

    TheJeffsta New Member

    Download some newer ones ;P
  11. DefecTalisman

    DefecTalisman Community Advocate Community Support

    I am on a 500mb cap(dont laugh) usually add another gig at the costly price.
    So due to my cap I am restircted to what my pocket can afford.

    So my usage is min.
  12. Swiblet

    Swiblet New Member

    Lets see....rapidshare membership combined with numerous sites which cannot be named here....hmm....

    Rapidshare has a 5 GB per day limit, more or less. 5 GBs x 30...

    150 Gigs per month from Rapidshare alone! =D Then, I download and fix things myself for my buds too, which probably is 10 GBs of trials... xD

    160-175 gigs per month, more or less. I'm running out of material to download >.>;;; I've sunken down to movies!

  13. cointoss

    cointoss New Member

    Honey, I don't download nothing. lol. Re: my post in the "how fast is your internet" poll. In two words, it ain't!
  14. Swiblet

    Swiblet New Member

    Heaven help you >.< I just switched out of AOL. I have Comcast now....I didn't want it!....but Comcast monopolized my area. I used to have the same as you. I made sure that I had a good processor while I had dialup, because to download anything worth getting, I'd have to leave my computer downloading one or two days straight (of course, killing all possible phone convos...which would never be allowed anyway).

    I feel your pain >.< Well...I FELT it. That's why I download like mad now!

  15. Trixter

    Trixter New Member

    well I use +- 2 to 5 GB a day (depends on the day, month and stuff ) need online). the best part is if i cant get it my office in Hong Kong can (3 T1 lines) :D. BTW Internet in SA SUCKS big time.
  16. Laos101

    Laos101 New Member

    It depends on the month for me, on some months I'll get as much as 100 GB while others around 1-10GB. i only have 500 GB on my two partitions so I watch what i get (Usually some stuff incase of a problem)
  17. Slothie

    Slothie New Member

    I usually get through 100-200GB each month :p
  18. Laos101

    Laos101 New Member

    Geez, I hope you clean your registry and defrag often :p
  19. eminemix

    eminemix Member

    I download like 5GB cause my isp has a stupid fair usage policy that doesn't allow me to download more than the average user downloads per day.
    If exced that my speed gets limited
  20. nightscream

    nightscream New Member

    I go 40-80gb a month..
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