How to change domain name of site


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I have been using Wordpress with the domain name, but I recently bought Is there a way to change the site's domain name to

I can add as a parked domain, but clicking on any links just brings it back to I would prefer to create a new site for, move everything from the old site over to it, and remove the x10host site. Is there any way I can move the entire site to


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You need to change the Site URL in your WordPress configuration. (It's WordPress that's changing the URL based on your existing set-up.)


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So I have not had to do this in a while but as essellar says you want to change settings in WordPress to

Pretty much anywhere where you see your old URL in settings your going to want to change to the new one. I do not think youll have to go into the actual filemanager to do this but if its needed then there is probably a wp-config.php file that youd be looking for. Again thats probably not necessary since the admin panel(of wordpress) will get that job done.

One other thing you have to do
is make sure you forward to the correct name servers which I believe were and probably still are

^edit: The above step is usually done from the website where you bought the new domain from. Its a fairly simple process and should take you a minute. I do not know how long it takes for this change to apply. Go ahead with the rest of the steps if you get issues along the way just post bellow.

From there I think you click on addon domains in cPanel and add the domain and make sure the directory is where your word press install is.

Warning It has been ages since I have done this so for saftey highlight your files in the file manager and compress them into a zip and download it. This is probably totally unnecessary but I don't know if trying to set the addon domain to an existing directory will wipe it (Again probably not). Your database is will be intact so you dont have to worry about that during this.