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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ichwar, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    I'm shocked at how many people still believe that linux is a command line operating system!

    So this thread is very simply for you to show off (pictures or videos) how the linux GUIs quite surpass the fanciest Windows installation.

    Just a note, make sure your screenshots/screencasts don't contain an personal info that you don't want any one else to see, and keep the images clean. ;)

    With that said, let's make them windows users jealous!
  2. zen-r

    zen-r Active Member

    You're right - Linux is amazing.

    Here's a screenshot of their latest, top-of-the-range GUI. I really must dash out & get a copy :) ;

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  3. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

    If people don't understand that Linux comes in both command line and GUI forms these days, where have they been? There's tons of mobile phones that are running Linux.
  4. taha116

    taha116 New Member

    lol Zen-r do you need to kick ichwar all the time although thats a funny one.

    Thing is no one knows cuz theres barley any marketign for linux.
  5. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    Lol, good photoshopping job, but there is no C:pigeon: in linux! :biggrin:
    Caught ya.

    On another note, you don't need to dash out to get anything. Just download an .iso from the comfort of your living room, burn it to a cd, and run the install. That only takes 30 minutes, compared to the hours that windows takes to install. :biggrin:
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  6. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    Some more screenshots of my wonderful linux desktop in action.

    Does anyone else have something to show off?

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  7. zen-r

    zen-r Active Member

    Hehe. Can't you tell the difference between "kicking" & "playing"?!

    After all, wasn't it me who recommended ichwar to you in your other thread, where you wanted advice on installing Linux?

    Anyway, if ichwar wants to keep going on about how wonderful Linux is all the time, he needs a few posts like mine to keep the balance! ;)

    With reference to mobile phones running Linux, this example is JavaFX Mobile, which is a small GNU/Linux platform containing a complete Java VM 6. It was hyped as a possible iPhone killer, & competes directly with Windows Mobile, Symbian OS & Palm Linux OS;


    Here is a Linux-based, open-source mobile platform GUI project called Openmoko ;
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  8. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    Hmmm, too bad you don't have any flashy windows desktops to show off. :D

    Why not give linux a try so that you can join the Jealous See club!
  9. galaxyAbstractor

    galaxyAbstractor Community Advocate Community Support

    I had linux on my laptop, but I deleted the boot partition to make room for the windows 7 boot partition. But I might have some pics left


    I tried out some GUI stuff in NetBeans
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  10. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    Looks nice.

    Seeing your picture reminded me that I hadn't posted just a plain picture of my desktop when not in motion. lol

    So here's what my desktop looks like when it's flat!
  11. alexandgruntz

    alexandgruntz New Member

    Meh. I'm not jealous of you Linux users.

    I managed to do this in less than 5 seconds.
  12. taha116

    taha116 New Member

    alex... Tisk tisk...
    Thats the most powerful thing vista has.... Just the scroll thing... and that is ony good for swiching windows and almost no one uses that feature cuz u have to click an extra button for it each time but i believe those features with linux are more live and stay.

    I have vista on my PC and Linux on my pentium 3... if my brother would let me id install linux on his quad core but hes a window hugging nub.
  13. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    That's just toggling through your windows on one desktop. That's child's play. Can you create more than one desktop and move through them at will in efficiency and style? That's the true test of a good desktop.

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  14. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    Very true, the effect that I used in my screen shot can be triggered by just a motion (that's right a motion) of the mouse!
  15. taha116

    taha116 New Member

    Agreed 250% with Ichwar...

    BTW what distro are you using? And if you have anytihng installed to enhance linux then what is it? BTW what about grpahics card... I have a 256MB 86 series Nvidia ? Is that more than enough?
  16. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    I'm using ubuntu 9.04 64-bit. It installed with these capabilities but I had to install compizconfig to customize them. Your graphics card should be fine.

    To install compizconfig, go to Add/Remove under Applications then from the drop down box labeled Show change the selection to All Available Applications. Then search for compizconfig in the search bar!

    After it's installed, compiz config will be under System>>Preferences. It's fifth from the top for me.
  17. taha116

    taha116 New Member

    ??? So on my P3 i also have linux ubuntu 32bit... Why dont i get such options (My grpahics card isnt much more than 32 probably)
  18. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    Did you install compizconfig?
  19. Sharky

    Sharky Great Scott! Community Support

    I still haven't found a use for multiple desktops on one screen. Multiple monitors is definitely a good thing, if only for having monitor 1 displaying video, monitor 2 showing what I'm working on, and monitor 3 for stuff like MSN etc. Back in the day when I had a monstrously big desk.
    No, for me, multiple desktops on a single screen is pointless, and the desktop cube is trying too hard!

    And how often do you trigger that accidentally?
  20. /dev/null

    /dev/null New Member

    Whilst X11 does allow for some nice looking effects, let's not forget that the true power of linux comes from using the command line! :)

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