Make way for a new gaming site!

Discussion in 'Graphics & Webdesign' started by scylla, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. scylla

    scylla New Member

  2. Frox

    Frox New Member

    Well first of all,....go fix the template. It's faling apart,......
    And you don't have any news or what so ever :p

    You could atleast post a welcome message :p
    Go work harder on the site :D And it will be sparkling an shining.
  3. icely

    icely New Member

    the color combination doesn't match at all, you may also want to fix the template and it would be better if you'd put the ad centered at the very bottom or at the top (below the banner) like most forum with ads do.
  4. Josh

    Josh Uber No0b

    very nice man!
  5. KbFr08

    KbFr08 New Member

    ok please mach the collors i do not think it maches at all, second of all please fix the template there is supposed to be text or images on a site but apperently not this site
  6. TwstC

    TwstC New Member

    messed up!
  7. clement

    clement New Member

    everything's messed up in IE dude
  8. bernhardt

    bernhardt New Member

    It look distorted.
  9. Conor

    Conor New Member

    Sarcastic? I hope so... :confused_
  10. efx

    efx New Member

    yeah i think it's pretty good
    but you can work a little on the layout, maybe youd want better colors
    is this

    what did you make your site with?
    if you didnt do this, try making your layout in photoshop, then cutting up the images and using div layers, that's the easiest way to build a decent website from what i know heh

    sample: (my old art site, hosted by freewebs lolllllll)
  11. Bauski

    Bauski Guest

    ... Its not just IE. It sure doesn't work too well in FFox either. :ermm:
    I agree that you should use different colors as well, but the main thing should be to make a template... And a news column... or something. Any column would do. Nice job with the graphics though, they all go together well.
  12. cartoonjunk

    cartoonjunk New Member

    Ya it's like, some other language, I thought Ffox was supposed to be better, lol.
  13. DylanJCraver

    DylanJCraver New Member

    I don't get it. Where's the gaming?
  14. NewFuture

    NewFuture New Member

    what kind of gaming? online games? or just pc games, xbox ps2 ect
  15. Richard

    Richard New Member

    This thread hasn't been touched in 4 months untill yesterday. Further more the site doesn't exist anymore.

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