Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Matt, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Can we please get a marketplace forum so that we can sell goods and services to other members for points? ive seen it at many other webhosts, and it would be a great thing cuz right now we can only get points by posting.

    this would be a great feature to have on hand. :grin:
  2. Akkarin

    Akkarin New Member

    It would be a great idea! If it's not too much hassle for the admin's to set up.
  3. Matt

    Matt New Member

    i dont think it would be, we just got a debate forum.
  4. MicrotechXP

    MicrotechXP New Member

    I think the admins are already trying to do that. I saw on another thread that is what they are planning on to do...
  5. Matt

    Matt New Member

    but we would be able to do stuff with our points.

    i dont mean selling used cds and stuff, but graphics, web design, and holding our own contests.
  6. Vietkid58

    Vietkid58 New Member

    its still good for whatever else people can offer...

    perhaps noone really cares if its a free service so they take foreveer to complete, say a graphic. but if they have a time limt to get paid, then it motivates them
  7. NewFuture

    NewFuture New Member

    yes i agree it would be a great idea, what you mean 'This is a hosting forum, not some sort of eBay :S 'what do we host? websites!!, and with a market place we can use our points to buy and sell things for our websites. so it is relevant, if other hosting sites have it and its popular dont you think to make x10 more popular and user friendly you make a market place, im sure you look at competition to make your site better
  8. Corey

    Corey I Break Things Staff Member

    We don't have much competition :)
  9. masterchief3k

    masterchief3k New Member

    i second what corey said true!
  10. NewFuture

    NewFuture New Member

    why have you then put a vote for us link?

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