May 1 Reboot Or Css Reboot


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hi there!!!

I hope it is a new thread!!!!

I have entered these competition for the first time these year... I has been around for 4 yrs... CSS REBOOT started these yr... I will register for the CSS REBOOT....

what is these?

The idea started with a post at my weblog BenjaminAdam. If you want details you can go there.

The short version? The May 1st Reboot is a community project that brings together web professionals from all over and encourages them to collectively launch redesigns of their sites on May 1st. The only problem is the entries are all extremely Flash heavy. Sure, Flash has its place -- but where's the CSS and web standards representation?

So this year CSS Reboot will attempt to bring together web professionals who design with CSS and standards in mind to launch their redesigns on May 1st along with all the Flash designers. This way we can both participate and show everyone just how great semantic, accessible design can be.

How to participate?
First, go to the official May 1st Reboot site (make sure you have Flash installed), read the rules and guidelines and then sign up. You only need to provide your email address, name, URL and country. After you do that your name will show up on the list of participants.

Second, fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your name, email, URL and country. You will then be added to the list of participants on the right.

Third, get to work -- you've got until 2 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time (9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time) May 1st 2005 to complete your redesign!

quotation from CSSREBOOT

i hope you like the competition... Many people are participating across the globe and i am one of them... why don't you?

For CSS REBOOT just present a CSS + XHTML whatever even a wordpress blog can do then register and see you luck...

For MAY1REBOOT it is for flash sites....

Have a great week....