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I didn't put any credit on topic because how much you pay depend on how much you request

I know how to

200 credits
create a css file so you don't need to put css on every html doc you have
.htaccess 300 credits
A nice way to Redirects domains that DNS at your accout already (mean i can't make google.com go to your website the domains for your accout... )
template system 600 credits
seperate HTML and PHP (like css but php a lot harder..)
404 error
200 credits
when you don't have a page bt when someone visit it, you will go to x10hosting page, and instead of go to x10 go to a page of yours say page no found...
basic PHP (depend what you need) credit
Basic php stuff like a simple register form I don't have time to make a forums or something like that big project ... yet...

just post a reply and see if i can do it then i tell you how many credits
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