Playstation 3 or Nitendo Wii

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Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii?

  1. Playstation 3

    38 vote(s)
  2. Nintendo Wii

    29 vote(s)
  1. batistablr

    batistablr New Member

    Would you rather get a Playstation 3 or a Nitendo Wii? I would get a Playstation 3 because

    1# It has the more fun games.
    2# Awesome graphics.
    3#Overall menu layout, feature, setup, etc.
  2. Spartan Erik

    Spartan Erik Retired

    Neither. One is too expensive, and the other gets boring.. FAST!

    Processing power of the PS3 is useless for the next few years until they can make games that can fully utilize the hardware potential.

    Wait until the fall of this year for the new 360 elite with the new smaller and cooler processor.. Halo 3 FTW
  3. dest581

    dest581 New Member

    I vote Wii. It's still fun for me, and there are some cool games coming out.

    On a side note: Can some mod do a spelling-fix on the poll? :D
  4. Brandon

    Brandon Former Senior Account Rep Community Support

    Fixed it

    I vote PS3 as there are 2 main games I want coming out for it, Gran Turismo HD and Grand Theft Auto!
  5. Livewire

    Livewire Abuse Compliance Officer Staff Member

    Wii. GTA will inevitably be out on PC, and my pc didn't cost $600+ to outfit.

    Plus, NiGHTS Journey of Dreams is launching as a Wii exclusive, and I'm a NiGHTS nut :) Kinda seals it for me speaking that I spent $300 or so getting the saturn and the game used, and it'd cost about that to get a wii and NiGHTS ^_^

    And I can't justify another $600 purchase; I'm already working on a Wacom tablet, and those are $90 for the most basic POS they have XD
  6. MicrotechXP

    MicrotechXP New Member

    PS3. After 3 weeks with the Wii you will get bored. :)

    Thats what everyone says.

    + The PS3 rocks. :)
    Last edited: May 7, 2007
  7. valor

    valor New Member

    I vote Ps3. Graphics are great! Played the wii, i dont like the controls for it at all :(
  8. Livewire

    Livewire Abuse Compliance Officer Staff Member

    Thought it was supposed to be like that with the DS as well :coolugh:
  9. valor

    valor New Member

    Well, i got bored of the DS after about 2 months. Didnt find any more games to be fun for it.
  10. Zenax

    Zenax Active Member

    I choose the Wii, beacuse of the family like quality of the console, and also because of the price. But thats a whole different ball game.
  11. unpixelatedgamers

    unpixelatedgamers New Member

    Neither, get a 360. But if we do have to have this conversation...

    360 has more. Then again, PS2 has waaay more than that. And it really depends on your definition of FUN.

    PS3 doesn't really have that much in the way of any games right now. And quite a few of the Wii games are quite fun.

    360s are better. Case in point: Gears of War.

    But compared to the Wii then yes. But it is over twice as expensive as the Wii, what do expect?

    Again, 360s dashboard is better. Live Messenger integration coming with the next dash update, XBL is second to none, double concavity console rather than the morbidly convex PS3.

    But the Wii channels are actually quite cool. XMB can get very unweildy with large amounts of files.
  12. Spartan Erik

    Spartan Erik Retired

    Also you must consider the internet capability.

    Since PS3's internet functionality is free (I don't know about Wii but I think it's free too), Microsoft might lower the price for XBL. EGM predicts that Microsoft may even make XBL free if Sony gets in the lead..

    Free Halo 2, GOW, and Halo 3 multiplayer games online? Yeah, talk about straining the power grids here in the US
  13. unpixelatedgamers

    unpixelatedgamers New Member

    I wouldn't have thought so. Its pretty good value for all the other services you get I recon.

    And Sony's service won't overtake XBL anytime soon in terms of subscibers. XBL 360 has over 6million members; sony haven't even sold that many PS3s.

    And when the Live gaming service goes over to PC in full force, that number is going to rise very quickly. There are hundreds of millions of PC gamers.
  14. jake04

    jake04 New Member

    I love zelda thats why i bought a wii

    this post is from my wii :)
  15. Reclutador

    Reclutador Active Member

    I preffer PC :D You can make more things that only play :)
  16. t2t2t

    t2t2t New Member

    Don't forget FPS.

    Wii could be better for them (Point and aim? Uhm thats Duck Hunt, and don't forget Shooting for Wii) but still mouse would be faster than 3d hand.
  17. darksite

    darksite New Member

    The playstation 3 is best than the nintendo wii but is more expensive.
  18. reichiru

    reichiru New Member

    I would get a PS3 because one, I already have a Wii, and two, there's some pretty sweet games that I wanna try out.
  19. sergio_twuister

    sergio_twuister New Member

    playstation3 the best 4ever
    the best graphics and the best games
  20. H*Bad

    H*Bad New Member

    I prefer the 360. But I chose PS3. Only because it has real graphics not like that Wii thing.

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