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My eye is first drawn to the box that says "Administrator", even though, judging by the text, I doubt that's whgere I'm supposed to look first. Maybe use the same alignment for all the text?
Maybe provide an example for users to get an idea of what the site is for. Most of the time, if you have a video, story (real or fake works), or a testimony from a satisfied customer, people want to see it or read it, and possibly be more interested in your business.
One thing I liked about this site is that each page has the same layout, which is good. Different page doesn't mean different layout - each page should have a similar design so the user knows where to look when they want to go somewhere else.
Ideally, you might want to make the "Post Requirements Here" button a little bit bigger so it is basically screaming "CLICK ME!" (not too big though, we don't want it to be ridiculous).