Public Backup.



I am currently offering backup on my harddisk (seperate partition then Windows). Here's some of the features.

-128mbs, 256mbs, 512mbs or 1gb storage.*
-Maximum file size of 10mbs.
-Your own personal folder.
-Files monitored by ClamWin antivirus.

Terms of Service.

-No warez.
-No porn.
-No malicous software.
-You can not exceed the maximum amount of possible storage.


-You must send files to me through email. (I am working on an FTP server.)

If you choose to use this subject, and since I paid for my harddisk there is a fee.


128mbs of space
10 points

256mbs of space
25 points

512mb of space
45 points

1024mbs of space
100 points.

It may seem as if there is not that much space available, but there is for a legal backup.

*Storage amount subject to change.

Please contact me via PM to set up an account.