Renewing my website


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It's been many years i changing my personal website theme. I created my first website using frontpage, and i have quite good knowledge of html, javascript and little bit of php. When i pinged in last time, i saw there was an app called 'RV Site Builder' in my cpanel. Can't find it anywhere now. I'm also thinking to shift from blogger to wordpress/or any other. So, it's going to be complete change of my personal web and blog.

Are there any suggestions? How can i make the theme of my blog and personal website look the same, as it's not so matching right now. I've heard about joomla and drupal, but have not used it at all. What is drupal or joomla, how is diff from dreamweaver? My office has an Dreamweaver, so i can use that to create websites. Any suggestions or tricks will be appreciated.