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It's very yellow now (and not even a consistent yellow), almost to the point that some of the text may be a little difficult to read for people with less-than-great eyesight; in particular the 'partners' bit at the bottom is pretty much a yellow haze.

Also, you've diluted the site with ads and unnecessary stuff which means that the actual aim of your site has been lost. For example, in the image below, everything that doesn't actually need to be on the front page is highlighted in red. All of this is either duplicated elsewhere or could be pushed to a separate page. The single part highlighted blue is the useful bit and should hold a greater prominence over the page.


Finally, your claim of 'worlds simplest user interface' is hideously untrue, as the UI of your site is a mashup of various colour schemes and widgets from elsewhere. Also, there are some blue artefacts around B in the yellow logo from where you changed it from blue, I recommend you try making a proper logo rather than just a scribble in Paint.
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