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I am making essentially a portfolio, but more of a "dump of creations" than a portfolio.
The links don't work, the text isn't final, the about section is incomplete and there are future sections do be added.

2 things I want reviewed:
First, the general layout, am i on the right track or is it too... not good?
The color is randomly generated, if you don't like it, reload. There will be an about text and other stuff down there later. If it looks ok, I will probably have each section alternate color-white.

Also, the address (and the name). I have from a former project, it stands for Wrong Side Up..., but I wanted to find a new one. I have yet to find a good 4-letter name/address for the site. The current one,, comes from my main work of writing "Jim the multidimensional squid creature of doom" Any Ideas for either a good name or a good way of finding the name? I want it to be 4-letters because 3-letter names aren't free and I want it to be short enough to easily type out the address of a page. Most folders have 2-letter names.

On a side note, anybody know if it is possible for PHP to treat directory names as $_GET variables? As in, would not be a reference to the actual pf folder, but would be sending as $path1, the value pf.

Thanks ahead of time


I am aware the layout is buggy in IE.
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