Rules for Computers and Technology (READ THIS BEFORE POSTING)

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Rules (For the Computers & Technology Forum)

These are based on the existing rules set in place before me

What should be in this Forum:
  • Topics related to Computers & Technology
  • Support requests relating to a problem you are having with your computer.
What should NOT be in this Forum:
  • Adverts
  • Support requests for problems with your x10 account.
  • Questions about web design/coding
The Rules for this Forum are as follows:
  1. The Forum Rules and Regulations
  2. No duplicate threads. Please do not start a new thread if one with the same subject already exists (Unless it is very old.).
  3. Text/leet speak is not allowed. Please speak normal English.
  4. No posting in old threads, if a thread is over 6 months old you should not post in it.
  5. Do not post meaningless topics. A topic should have a point. Also the Thread Title should relate to the topic, so nothing like "Look at this!!".
  6. Do not post anything that could be illegal, this includes: warez, cracked software, and links to these.
  7. Do not post copyrighted stuff (unless you own the copyright). If you think an article on someone's blog is good, don't just copy and paste it here, link to it instead.
  8. No Swearing or Flaming.
  9. New - Stay On Topic. Keep with the original subject of the post.
(The majority of the rules were written by TechAsh and I will enfore all rules in this list)
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