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I am currectly doing "some stuff" with the signup scripts right now, mostly with the emails being sent out, and the auto-approval stuff.

If you see this, please do not attempt to sign up until I post back here "the go ahead". If you sign up, your application will be deleted when I run the script, so.. there is no point until I post back.

Also some accounts have been created from the last few days, about 30 of them to be exact. The problem though is that the "account created" email was never sent out to them. If you signed up late sunday night, yesturday, or early today, and you have not heard anything on your account, try to go to the domain you signed up for. If you see the directory listing then your site was created and you never received an email. You can then try to login to cpanel and go from there. (CPanel is at Use the username and password you signed up with.) If nothing loads, then your site was not created and you will have to sign up again. WAIT THOUGH!!

Not open for further replies.