Suspended my site and no option to apeal

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Hi X10hosting. Your site helped me allot by starting my hosting with you to learn allot. You have now suspended my account. and you gave me an option to appeal, but I am not able to appeal
When I click apeal I get forwarded to and get the below message
#0 redirect(error) called at [/home/production/public_html/sso/application/core/X10_Controller.php:142]
#1 X10_Controller->trigger_zendesk() called at [/home/production/public_html/sso/application/controllers/main.php:95]
#2 Main->appeals()

If you want to suspend my account then fine suspend it, but I would like to cotnact someone just to reopen for 48 hours and I will download my content off your side please.
but if you would be so kind to allow me to remove any unaccepatble files from the hosting you would allow me to reopen the hosting please.

If you wish I pay for it then I would be happy to pay for it as well. but please reopen at least so I take my content. You really need to give warning before suspending a hosting.


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Be aware that during your account suspension, you cannot drag any content outside of your account. By registering, you've agreed to this.
As for the appeal issue, that's something the staff have to sort out.

EDIT: Oops. Forgot to add something.
On free hosting, you don't get warned at first. This is normal as all if not most free webhosts do the same thing. If you want the warning, you would have to go paid.
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It's always a wise decision to always have a backup of your site for a variety of reasons. Account suspensions, hackers, server issues, etc. Remember that in the future. Better to lose one day's worth of work than to lose whole weeks, months and years.

Site looks good won't you back that thang up.
It's a high trafficked thing won't you back that thang up.
Call me site king, won't you back that thang up.
Admin who you playin' with I backed that thang up.

I do almost daily backups on account that something could go wrong at any time. The server could die beyond repair, my site could get hacked and deleted or defaced, and there's the potential of suspended services too. I keep a backup because I've had to deal with hackers on several misfortunate occasions.