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One of the four computers in our household (my kids') was using a "borrowed" copy of Windows XP. With the apparent crackdown on such copies, combined with the fact I didn't want to spend money to buy my own copy, I decided to take someone's advice (from here) and looked into Ubuntu. The computer now has version 8.04, and I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative. My stepson also converted his 3 year old Dell laptop. Both computers are 100% Ubuntu, meaning they are not using Windows at all.

I'm not sure what my stepson's laptop has, but the kids' desktop is a P3-800, with 640 mb ram, and a 128 mb ATI video card. I absolutely love it. Software, applications, etc., are just a couple clicks away.

The "Cube" is like having 4 desktops. Instead of having each program you are running in windows on top of each other, you can have an application on a separate side of the cube. Just rotate the cube to get to the other application. Example: Browse the web on one desktop and have your e-mail on another.

Startup time: With XP (my computer) and Vista (my wife's) I can have a cigarette while waiting for them to boot up. Not with Ubuntu.

If you have anything to add, either good or bad, post it here.


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I have Ubuntu 8.04 on a Compaq with 2.7GHz Celeron and 1GB of RAM.
And Ubuntu 7.10 on a really old PC with a 550MHz Pentium 3 and 256MB of RAM. I use that old pc for a small server that I can screw around with without pissing off other people. :biggrin:
I have used Ubuntu since it was 7.04.

Both boot and shutdown times is really fast, I don't have to wait on anything.

Now I just need a nice nVidia graphics card for the first PC...
I recommend nVidia, especially if you're using Linux. Without an graphics card, the CPU does everything and that's no fun if you're doing games with tons of 3D.

How's your ATi card working dwd2000?


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I have 8.04 too and it works great! It is way faster than Windows XP too.
I also suggest 8.04 + Gnome to anyone. (especially if you are fed up with Windows)