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i tried your link and it worked ok here.
i have not heard of any issues that would effect speed.

keep in mind there is a lot of reasons you could experience that.
ranging from what you run on your website to server locations.

like having a simple html page or even wordpress install
might not be slow at all compared to running major scripts
like planetarium software or star mapping or google maps.
which would slow down the page loading.

many dont realize this but server locations make a difference to.
like if your server was in the USA but your in someplace like Asia,
or India for example, then things may slow down a bit for you.
but if im in Canada it may seem faster since im closer than you.

then you have the connection,
id connect faster because your server is close to me and
i would not have far to go to your server. but if your in Asia
or India you have to connect to other sources first before
connecting to your server, and if any of those other sources
become unavailable then you may have issues or even
down time where your website is offline to people near you.
this is all just my own opinion.

im sure a regular support member will help you when they can,