What kind of numbers are you guys running?


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Pardon me for asking, and feel free to disregard this thread if my questions are too intrusive; what kinds of user number is x10 working with?

I saw in another thread that there were something like 7,000 accounts. Pretty impressive.

I also saw that the forums have over 22,000 accounts. I'm assuming this is a bloated number if you count active users as people who've logged in within the last 3 months.

What kinds of rollover do you guys get interms of accounts that don't last more than two weeks?

I understand that x10 is now running 5 separate servers. Is the money I paid for hosting even making a dent in the bills to host 7,000 accounts? I know every bit helps, but it seems like a drop in the bucket to me.

Major props and many thanks to Corey for the awesome service he provides and the admins who help him.