Windows 7 freezes and restarts!


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Hello everybody,
I am now having a problem with my computer. It freezes when I try to install games or some heavy programs. Mouse pointer will work, but no program will respond, it stays like that for a while and automatically restarts!

* When I try to install Office 2010 from X16-32213.exe, it runs for a while, and then freezes.
* When I try to install Prince Of Persia, it runs for a while, and then freezes.
* When I play large files with VLC media player, computer freezes.
* If I open any program before completely booting and refreshing my desktop, it freezes.
* Kaspersky can't complete scans, it freezes before the scans finish.

* CPU temperature is below 55 C, at all times.
* Safe mode doesn't fix the problem.
* Disconnecting speakers, network card, and CD-drive doesn't fix the problem.
* CHKDISK did not find any problem with hard disk.
* Disk defragmenter did not find any problem with hard disk.
* Re-installing windows doesn't fix the problem.
* No suspect programs running in task manager, resource monitor or in msinfo32.

System Configuration:
* Operationg System : Windows 7 Ultimate x64
* Version : 6.1.7600 Build 7600
* Motherboard : BIOSTAR G31-M7 TE
* Processor : Pentium Dual Core E5300 @ 2.60 GHz
* RAM : 2.00 GB
* Hard Disk : SAMSUNG HD161GJ ATA Device

Note: Recently my external hard disk was struck with a virus which turned all the folders to system folders and placed shortcuts to the virus in the names of folders. Kaspersky did not detect it. But I noticed it, deleted the virus manually, deleted the shortcuts and recovered my folders be deleting the system attribute. But, some folders could not be recovered completely. Explorer freezes on opening some folders (They are FOLDERS, I'm sure). I think this was the starting of my problems.

Any help will be appreciated!


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Try booting a Linux LiveCD for a little while to take Windows completely out of the picture. Let us determine if it's hardware or software at play.


Run a Memtest and Check your Voltages. Also consider error checking the graphics card using something like OCCT if you have a decent ATi or NVIDIA chip. What you have sounds perhaps memory or voltage related if the system reboots itself.
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