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Nov 25, 2011
Aug 24, 2008
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Los Angeles

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New Member, from Los Angeles

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Nov 25, 2011
    1. Sohail
      Hi just got your message, sorry I haven't logged into x10 for a long long time though I am available for any freelance work. Feel free to contact me through my new site
    2. John Klyne
      John Klyne
      Hey shadowmasterX what are you current projects...what are you up to buddy? I have some projects I could use some help on...feel free to message me through x10.
    3. John Klyne
      John Klyne
      great to hear

      time is limited I must say and so i'll get going won't be spending much time on forums as you can tell.
    4. John Klyne
      John Klyne
      running well...i've come across some things or ideas that are just blowing my mind, can't even sleep right anymore ...pisses me off and to think money would let you sleep sound, instead it does the opposite me when I say this.

      What grade were you in again? High school I know any full scripting languages...or taking some courses related to this?

      Well hope to see a reply thanks.
    5. John Klyne
      John Klyne
      I was surprised to see you reply to my site "need help" are you going buddy? You would have never thought a persons potential when you were part of the ForEverything project hehe...

      what are you up to? ForEverything is extinct by the way, I have gotten involved with some other, grander things.
    6. hamsn
      Hey, I owe you your credits.
      Respond me with the quantity, I will transfer them.
      Sorry for the long delay, I left x10.
    7. Coldfirezz
      SohailTech is doing a few things for me. The banner isn't actually finished yet. And what skills for webdesign do you know, I am looking for as much help as possible (Possibly you can become a beta tester). Here is the link to the website:
      You can also see some of the other ad banners here:
    8. pandaxx
      Lol thanks (:
    9. ghotel
      Thanks for your comments :D, why dont you signup there?
    10. Sohail
      Thanks! :D
      What username have your registered?
    12. John Klyne
      John Klyne
      I have to say that is a pretty nice signature you made. I like how you're using the brain as a picture too. : )
    13. Smith6612
    14. callumacrae
      Hopefully. I'm saving up for a lot of stuff at the moment, and one of them is a new template and paid hosting :D
    15. callumacrae
      I'm good thanks. How are you?
    16. Zdroyd
    17. ShadowmasterX
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    Los Angeles
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    "When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us."
    - Alexander Graham Bell