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  • Hello my dear,
    How are you doing? i hope this message fine you in good health, please my name is Ciata Sando and i wish to have you as good friend, please i will like you to contact me direct to this my private mail box( so that i will explain more about me including my picture.
    I'll pop in there and go over it when I get some free time today... I have a few things I need to take care of first.
    John Klyne! Good to see you're still around!

    LiquidPHP is on hiatus right now. I couldn't drum up enough support to finish such a huge project, unfortunately. I'm going to be working on some smaller scale stuff for now behind the scenes, but if I get some beta software out there I will definitely make an announcement on the forum for you and the other X10ers to come check it out!
    wa-Alaikum Salam,

    Arabic is too easy, well actually i don`t know Arabic that much either. because i am not from Arab country. here our mother language is URDU. and yeah i belive every muslim wants to go Mecca and Medina. I pray everyday for that.
    Sorry buddy, You have an AIM? I got a whole bunch of school things that I had going on... a LOT. Really stressful summer, but i got a little bit of free time now, whats up? long time no see.

    Add me on aim: thatsmartaznguy
    John Klyne said...
    "I have a question...'

    On that thread you closed, you said it was because of advertising...

    It is not against any x10 rules for me to make a site, people advertise things on for a fee is it?"

    I'm somewhat confused on what you are asking about but the reason I closed his thread was because it didn't look like a safe place for our users to go and it was clearly advertising. That forum is to talk about how to advertise your site, not to actually advertise it.
    Thanks! Every now and again that image will rotate to another image. I probably will rotate it today :)
    hahah, im still a freshie =[. No, there arnt any website programming classes or anything, but Ima try to learn some when i have time, busy as eff tho haha, just finished a huge project.
    btw, I pasted part one after part 2 to keep the continuity. So the first part should be above the second! Hopefully...
    See, you may say you're 18, but for all I know, your name is Dave, and you're a 38 year old living in your parents basement/attic/whatever. That is a major downside of all internet 'relationships', in the non-sexual form of the word. Of course, I'm aware it's possible to apply various cosmetic products and appear to be older/younger than you really are, but that's not as easy as just lying online now, is it!
    I'm not sure how you'd 'learn' to be a pickup artist, or even why you'd want to. Wouldn't it, by definition, mean that you're almost making a sport out of picking up women (or men, if that's what floats your boat and you're hiding behind an online veil... ;) ), and therefore not making lasting deep relationships.
    Don't get me wrong, deep meaningful relationships aren't for everyone, and certainly not something to just dive in to with the first person you meet. However, whether you're truly 18 and see yourself as a PUA or not, wear a condom :lol:

    And yes, I too may or may not be portraying who I really am. And that may or may not be the only line of truth that I've ever said on here. It's up to you what you believe.
    I had to split this in to two messages... Terrible.
    Agreed. People always look at rejection as a bad thing. Sure, it has more negatives than positives, but it's character building. I hate it when people aren't straight with me. I don't like playing those sorts of games, and try to tell it like it is where possible. If people don't like that, well.... tough. if they don't want me to say bad things about something they've done, they shouldn't do it.
    Problem with that is people usually always have hidden agendas. How often have you 'bent the truth' in order to get something done?
    It's not a real conversation, though... It's as though people don't want to meet face-to-face or actually hear eachothers voices -- take the latest 'special offer' phone contract advertised on TV... Unlimited texts and internet. No inclusive minutes. Disappointing.
    Thanks, but no thanks; I don't go for those sorts of things. I even deleted my facebook account.
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