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Jan 1, 2020
Dec 3, 2007
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I ate all of the x10Pizza, from Exploded

Community Support
Smith6612 was last seen:
Jan 1, 2020
    1. myhomela
      I have a namecheap domain. I created a website on the hosting website builder. It's a sub domain with the hosting at the end how do i point it to my domain. Just the nameservers
    2. kenzie
    3. lorelievmondragon19
      hi sir! it's me again.. i already uploaded my php mail code... and i used my email account on my x10hosting account to be the receiver of the mail.. and it sends mail successfully.. however when i used other email like gmail account... to receive the subject and message ... it displays message sends but i can't see it on the inbox or spam.. what should i do..:(
    4. lorelievmondragon19
      hi sir i'll try to change m sender and i'll tell u if i am successful,, thank u very much sir and Godbless u..:)
    5. lorelievmondragon19
      hi sir thank u very much 4 your answers..::)
    6. lorelievmondragon19
      thank you sir.. much appreciated.. but i can't still get the thing to send mail..
      i got this message on my roundcube webmail :

      This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

      A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
      recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
      Gid 26049 is not permitted to relay mail, or has directly called /usr/sbin/exim instead of /usr/sbin/sendmail.

      then when i login back to CPANEL..
      i got this message...
      Sorry for the inconvenience!
      The filesystem mounted at /home/winnerl4 on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition.
      i don't know whats happenning... sorry for the incovenience...ty
    7. lorelievmondragon19
      hi sorry for disturbing... but i need help in my upload file here its a php code that send mail.. it's not working even if it displays email sent..:( i am just new at web hosting.. please help me..:')
    8. klsanjoh27
      Good day, webmail on lotus shows "page error". what could be the problem. Thanks
    9. theone48
      Hello Smith,

      I'm theone48, T1 on IRC Chat. Thanks for the like. I've sent you a friend invite. Recently joined and been trying to halp as best I can. I can see you've been here much longer. You part of Admin or a volunteer like me?
    10. nalapachakamforum85
    11. dfsgdgdf
      Stop sap my sentry kthx
    12. thunder11
    13. benzeemin46
      Hey mate, thanks for the help, I'll post back later tomorrow and tell you if it's working :)
    14. rogerm10492
      i updated my main domain
      as u said !
      No coming to cpanel
      which of the options should i use
      1.domain forwarding tk dns service
      3.custom dns
      pls tel me which of the
      host name or ip addres i have
      to use (incase required)
      thanks in advance
    15. chrisjustinparr96
      Hello. Starka is having huge problems. I cannot use MySQL. Please take a sustained look at it, especially since it is up-and-down and someone who just glances once wouldn't notice right off the bat.

      On a separate note something is up with this forum. For some reason I cannot reply to other peoples' posts in the support forum. I cannot send PMs.
    16. dammiexx27
      How do i host my php files?
    17. The Real Rebel
      The Real Rebel
      Jamies back :) back again.. tell a friend!
    18. The Real Rebel
      The Real Rebel
      Hey dude!
      How are you? Hope your k, Just back on the forum, only just got time again xD
    19. DeadBattery
      Just FYI, accounts suspended on 7-16 were suspended before the moves and their data never got transferred. They need to wait for their account to be automatically terminated (it doesn't have any data) then they can create another account. If they want to know more about the backups, refer them to the Additional update announcement by corey. :)
    20. catz154
      hey hey, its been forever I know... just wanted to say Hi!:)
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