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  • I see two problems:

    1: If you want to send using your GMail account, you will need to use SMTP to Google's mail servers in order to even send the mail. That error is stating that you cannot mail from a particular server using that address as a result of anti-spam/spoofing policies in effect. You can either do that, or you can set up an e-mail account from within cPanel, and use that account as the Sender address and then use the php Mail function.

    2: The second message about the out of disk error would be something the admins have to look into. I don't have the ability to look into the servers that deeply.
    Just make sure the purpose of this script, before you even upload it is not to send a large amount of e-mail out or could enable any form of spamming (eg: User fills in e-mail address, writes messages, sends message).

    Check to make sure your script is using the php mail function. If you use that, it should be able to work without needing any additional information.
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