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    When I first came to x10hosting about two years or so ago, I always forgot to log into the forums and was suspended once. After an hour of research, I came across this plugin for Firefox (also available for Google Chrome). It takes the hassle away from logging in to your website, the forums, and any other website you would like to log into. With a click of a button, you can login to as many websites as you record. Below is how to do it.

    It works with Flash too! The documentation on their wiki provides more information on what it works with.

    iMacros can be used for many more things other than automatic login.

    I strongly recommend you read this tutorial first before going through with it.

    How do I use it?
    It's a very simple process really. All you have to do, is open up a new blank tab (not needed but I like to always do this) and click on record. This nifty tool will record everything you type in, at whatever page you're at. Whatever you do while on the internet, will be recorded on the iMacros box. So for example if you were to go to and maybe enter your username and password on the login, it would record that and keep it stored for later use. When you are done recording, click on the save button and it will save it as any name you enter.

    To play, simply click on the one you saved and press "Play".

    Check out this informational video:
    Check out a more advanced version for using iMacros:

    If this tutorial didn't help you out, check out their wiki.
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    Yeah, I also use this Firefox extension Its very handy for all kinds of stuff that is repitisious like you said logging into a website, opening a URL and assigning actions upon window.load., etc you can record all kinds of stuff the name kind of gives it away. Its a macro Extension for browsers.
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    Is it really that much of a chore to bookmark the forum and drop in occasionaly?
    To give others the benefit of your wisdom or perhaps learn new tricks from others?
    Or watch the misfortune and heartfelt begging down in help and support as unfold as
    another unfortunate has their site purged from the mainframe for being naughty?

    All that and free website hosting (without ads) in exchange for you making a couple of mouse clicks a month
    Besides imacro though useful for some tasks you still have to be at your PC to set it in motion.

    There is free package called Djuggler that can also automate web tasks and has the added bonus it can compile the macro commands as a standalone executable file. Of course it still can onlybe run from your PC but at least the task scheduler can set it in motion when you are not there.

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