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  • Ok, I sense shenanigans. First off, thank you very much for your post on embedding a YouTube channel into a web site. I've been searching the internet for the past hour on how to do so. But second, do you realize how big of a double-take I did when I read "Let's use 'fearofmobs' as an example"?! I literally logged out of YouTube and hit refresh about 8 times. Are you subscribed to me or something? Third, I'm still freaked out. So freaked out that I went and created a new account and wrote this message to you.

    Ok, I've taken a breather. I'm not raging at you by any means, just totally surprised. I mean, what are the chances that if I go out looking for a tutorial on what I need to do on my web site, and find exactly what I need, and the example used is my show Fear of Mobs! :D And not only that, but you only posted this yesterday! I mean, WOW! It's too good to be a coincidence. Sersiously, do you subscribe to the show?

    Thank you again for the post, it really helped!
    Hello JK

    The 'Job Hunter' project is a little experiment in re-using what is essentially public domain content. In this case job vacancy information collated by UK governement department that deals with unemployment benefits or Welfare system to use the american term.

    Extracting the data has been an interesting challange with no direct access to the DWP database resulting in some interesting workarounds. Until the UK government site blocked Yahoo pipes access it was running entirely from free hosting. Now it's been scaled back a bit due to amount of data processing required at the server.
    Hello there...I saw your signature...job hunter...what is that project about?

    Also...I have something that may interest you regarding it... please message me.
    That's actually pretty badass, thanks for sharing. I dunno if I have the programming skill to reach that level of perfection, but wow.
    hey, just saying if you have some sort of messenger that we could communicate on, im working on a web project was looking for some help.
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