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    Review my site

    Needs content :tongue:
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    Review my site

    Curious.. as a general rule NO web host will allow proxy scripts on a shared server. This could explain why the site is unreachable at time of writing...
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    Hi I'm new from BT...

    Just left a welcome message on the guest book :smile:
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    Please Review My Weight-loss Website

    IMHO it needs more work. It's practically a stock WordPress template with little or no alteration. It's also an affiliate site*.. You want to persuade people to follow the links & widgets that you hopefully get paid for so make sure they are not getting part hidden like the square one from...
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    JQuery Prevent Autoclicker

    What about using the one() function inside the jQuery library? That would basically disable the button after the initial press by the user so it only fires off a single request. If that does not help my best guess would be you enter the realm of dynamically creating elements toggling the...
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    Why i shall be telling everyone NOT to use x10hosting

    The rant I partly understand but the misleading link underneath the signature tag is a tad naughty. Could you not of closed the existing X10 free account yourself and simply created another?
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    The Internet as we know it could disappear

    FYI Google Inc does all of the above lol! Of course Google wants you to lobby your elected leaders on their behalf it's cheaper than them doing it, everybody from the Internet giants down to the ISP's is getting twitchy about if people are to scared to use the Internet because of government...
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    Adult Content and "Hosting Services"

    Technically you can serve an adult themed website from the Google Cloud's App Engine, even though several bloggers have mentioned the lack of acceptable content restrictions Google does not seem bothered. Probably because building such a site would require a mix of Python and HTML so scares...
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    Give somebody a Christmas they will never forget...

    Buy them a live turkey.:redface:
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    Please Review My Quote's Website

    Well.. at the risk of offending the entire christian faith I'd say what it needs is pictures. Something perhaps in the 'De-motivational' style, though it may be a bit tricky for some of those quotes.
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    PHP Charting

    Staying awake in class helps but when that fails I use Google. Getting info from a database to the users screen is after all something that almost every website does and there will be thousands of tutorials out there. Anyhow you asked for help so... Show us the code you have for getting the...
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    Thought for the day..

    With Yahoo announcing it is going to shut down all its public chat room service full story here I was wondering... a: are we still allowed to run our own chat scripts here ? b: how would you make money from a chat site.... ???
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    Programming Fails you've had

    1. DDos'd a server with a scraping engine and badly configured cron job, was supposed to be every 1 hour but I'd set it for 1 minute intervals. 2. Caused 000Webhost to limit the size of incoming form POST data while building a workaround for the lack of remote MySQL connections. 3. Got a...
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    Sats for file downloads?

    The problem with google product forums is that staff rarely put in an appearance especially when somebody in authority is required to make a ruling over what's allowed and what is not. The adsense forum suffers badly because of it and often you just have to go on the probability things will be...
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    Sats for file downloads?

    Well if you take the script above and remove the referer check it could do that with a bit more code. Plenty of tutorials out there describing this process in detail for logging downloads with PHP. However: This php-ga system I am a little dubious about, Google have have some strict rules...