So, how does this look?

Discussion in 'Review My Site' started by Wystery, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Thank you for your visit
    I'm glad that it helped =)
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    I haven't had time for much forum activity in the last few months.

    But now I have some time to spare I'm back, & thought I'd check out your website.....

    Wow! True to your word, you have kept up with the regular addition of new content, & have grown your site from just 1 page to now 15 pages of content. And good stuff it is too - the excellent quality has been maintained if not even improved upon.

    Well done, & keep up the good work!

    (for anyone who hasn't tried it yet, go to & check out what you've been missing!)
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    I agree with the rest about the content. It's great, but I have to say the design looks rather empty.

    First of all your logo is confusing people because it has "" as plaint text. Try adding some style to it (change font, color or something). I could do that for you if you are interested.

    Try to add some smooth gradient in the background. It'll break the monotony.

    And the most important thing, you have to visually separate your header from the rest of the page. I think it would be good idea to put your logo and search box on top of the keyboard picture and let that be your header.

    If need any help just let me know.


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