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  • hey buddy could you email me vexgoat@gmail.com? Or I can email you if you provide your address. Want to see if you would be interested in setting up my site. Its a crowdfunding site and I have all the necessary wordpress themes. Just need you to barebone it to where its functional but basic and I can come in thereafter and add my own images/texts. Let me know if you would be interested. Take care.
    Oh you'll see alright :) No really I have a surprise for everybody (at least those with Nokia smartphones). I can't tell you more right know but you'll see ;)
    Hello Leviathan, hows it going buddy? I see you have been busy especially with getting all those credits... 24k hehe nice work.

    What have you been up to?
    Thanks for accepting the invitation. It will be a pleasure to receive your advices as designer :)
    If you are looking for the best graphic designer, leviathon and his group of professional designers will not disappoint you!
    I never used WordPress so I don't actually know how it works. But on the other hand I'm a skilled programmer and web designer and design is design no matter what CMS you use. I guess it won't be a problem for me to make a WordPress template when clients ask for it. I mean how hard could it be?
    don't mind me on the off topic forum...i'll stop posting on that subject for some reason I get...not sure when a negative post is made sarcastically or not sarcastically about the USA. No hard feelings, i'll start over.
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