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    Justin Hall-Tipping: Freeing energy from the grid
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    SOPA Cabana (by Dan Bull)!
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    Review My Site

    Think about the typography a little bit more and add don't be afraid to add some CSS3 in to the mix ;)
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    Is there any books on creating hotel booking engine like

    Sorry but I signed NDA with my clients and I can't share that information.
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    College Project - What do you think?

    There are a lot of thing you should consider changing. Let's start with colors. What was the general idea behind the colors you used? Why did you use dark gray for the background? Why #cecbb9 for "Offers" and "Contacts" block background?
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    Quote It! - Share your favorite quotes

    @Jennacide: Your sig is currently my favorite quote. I don't know where you got it from but it's hilarious LOL! "And on the 8th day, God made a backup!"
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    My First Website

    Fireworks FTW!!!
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    PC Build

    I suggest you invest a little bit more money and get the Core i5-2500k instead of Core i5-2400 for your CPU.
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    Quote It! - Share your favorite quotes

    "Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie."
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    ATI/AMD Graphics or Nvidia

    GTX 480 is a bit better then GTX 460 but my GTX 460 is the MSI HAWK wersion which is overclocked and is good enough to compete with GTX 480. By the way my system is (made it myself :) ): CPU Intel Core i5-2500K MB MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) Memory DIMM DDR3 2x2GB 1600Mhz Mushkin Silverline Stiletto...
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    ATI/AMD Graphics or Nvidia

    I recently got nVidia GeForce GTX460 HAWK and I'm pretty satisfied with it. Before that I had many graphics cards (starting as far as GeForce 2 MX :) ) but they were always nVidia so I don't have much experience with ATI/AMD.
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    My First Website

    Get rid of that "Copyright by Innovic Ltd!" nonsense!
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    ecommerce site

    That would be a BIG mistake. People don't like aggressive design. The button itself has to scream "CLICK ME" but you can't just type "Click me" inside and be done with it. It should make you click without saying so. That's the beauty of web design ;)
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    What are things I should keep in mind and study to create a php hotel booking Script?

    Re: What are things I should keep in mind and study to create a php hotel booking Scr First of all I don't recommend you start with hotel booking application. I have done one in PHP and worked on one made in JAVA and both of them were complicated. I suggest you start with something easier. You...