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    Remove Domain

    Very confused why I can no longer do this from the C-Panel, but I would like the following domain removed from my account please: Thank you!
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    Unable to add the domain name

    Right now I'm just serving the HTML on a Node Express server hosted by heroku. Super slow so I don't like it. The mail provider is zoho
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    Unable to add the domain name

    What is the status on this issue? I have not heard from a moderator in over a week now. If it is possible to do a workaround just to get emails delivered to my x10 mailserver that would be sufficient, but I do not know how to achieve this on my own EDIT: So I have set up my...
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    Unable to add the domain name

    I believe your problem was of a different nature. I am getting the same error message as before
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    Unable to add the domain name

    @Skizzerz any update on a potential work-around? Or a timeline from cPanel? You would think other hosting providers would be experiencing the same problem and pushing them to fix it..
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    Unable to add the domain name

    @Skizzerz interesting. I haven't looked up DNS protocol in a long time, but is there not just a header you can add to the request c-Panel sends to prevent the recursion? Or are you not able to configure c-Panel requests like that. Ah upon reading your post again it seems that is something the...
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    Unable to add the domain name

    @glennaal will you post the details about your specific case? The domain provider, if you're trying to add an addon or a parked domain, etc. If a solution is not found soon I will change my nameservers again and use a different host, but this is not ideal and I would like to find a solution by...
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    Unable to add the domain name

    @Dead-i Any news? Is there something that can be done?
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    Unable to add the domain name

    domain name: EDIT: Also, I'm trying to put the addon to /public_html/
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    Unable to add the domain name

    Hi, I am having serious trouble adding an Addon Domain to my account. Account Name: fresht12 Domain: NameCheap is my domain provider, and 2 days ago I added the x10nameservers as my name severs. However, every time I try to add the domain to my website I am getting the...
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    Error Establishing a Database Connection

    Hi, I recently installed wordpress to the url and I am getting an error message when I now try to access it, " Error establishing a database connection" Is this a common issue and is there something I can do to solve it?
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    Thanks for the freehosting of my website x10.
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    Free domain name !

    that site looks so sketch. like not even tryin to hide it
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    Cheapest or FREE Domain Registration Site??

    Hello everyone. A few years ago held a promotion where it was free to register a .com domain name as long as you had a credit card. (after one year they charged out the ass if you didn't cancel or switch providers). I also know godaddy at one point had a coupon making .com domains...
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    .com -> my site help

    Oh yea thanks I have to fix that link. And yeah i'm not trying to impersonate doritos in any way. They have a contest running for the superbowl to make a Doritos commercial and this site is just going to be a starting point for people wanting to get involved. The name is supposed to be a pun...