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    horror story

    Oh, do a story about something really good and harmless turning really bad, like the evil rabbit from Monty Python, or like attack of the killer hamsters, that would be scary and funny. :biggrin: just a though.
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    new member

    Hello and welcome to 10xhosting forums ozmail, hope you like it as much as we do. :biggrin:
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    The Ctrl+V game :biggrin:
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    What are you really good at?

    Just wondering what it is that you might excel at, fixing cars, computers, kite flying, whatever it is lets hear it. I for one think that I excel most with computers, be it using them, fixing them, building them or just general knowledge...what about you? ;)
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    Stupid Questions

    people are mean, that's a fact, but don't let them get to you, just realize that when you are out of school the people who insulted you will be working at a strip club or McDonald's. who cares what they think, I don't, and I hope you can learn not to as well.:biggrin:
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    What is your favorite old computer?

    Yeah I was gonna say, as far as Linux distros go Ubuntu is good but only on a modern computer. It would be like putting Windows XP on a ten year old PC with 64mb ram, not a good idea. But thanks for the suggestions Xplozion, I might have to try it. :biggrin:
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    Greetings from Chile

    Welcome to x10hosting Reeltime! :biggrin:
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    Hi everyone!

    Hey Whena, welcome to x10hosting! don't forget to login every two weeks, or you account could get suspended, just a heads up! :biggrin:
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    Economic meltdown

    yeah I agree with you Spartan Erik but you gotta admit, when the stock market and banks are screwed they get help for the government, but what about when people need help, they don't have anyone. So yes I agree, but its just bull that the gov will bail them out and not REAL people. As far as...
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    Forum Game <Wish>

    Wish Granted, but due to overuse after getting XP it exploded! I wish I had x-ray vision! :biggrin:
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    Gay People Are Illogical...

    Just saying, Gay people are illogical, two half's can't make a whole without a hole (giggidy giggidy) , but seriously what do you think, I would like to hear other people comments about this "controversial" subject.:biggrin:
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    your gender...

    No, John Connor, from the Terminator Series..:biggrin:
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    Prebeta Installation of Windows 7 - Images

    I dunno, I think that its probably just windows Vista with a new name and fewer bugs, I really doubt they could just whip up an OS in like a year. But maybe they did, I just hope they get some competition, I don't want to be using Windows 20 years from now just because Mac and Linux can't run...
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    What do you do on the computer?

    I forgot about music, I guess I just listen to it so much that I forget I'm even doing it. But yeah, I listen to a lot of music on the computer, and I'm always searching for something new. :biggrin:
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    What do you do on the computer?

    I'm just curious what all of you spend most of your time doing on the computer, is it web surfing, programming, web design, online gaming, or something else? Just though it might be a fun topic, hope to hear what you like to do. I personally spend most of my time working on my website, talking...