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    VPS - DNS Templates question

    WebMin ( start
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    X10 Nameservers, dns service

    If you purchased your domain/s that you are planning on hosting on vps from x10 then you can bind to the x10 nameservers, but if you are not using x10 registrar nameservers would not be offered for obvious reasons.
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    How do I create a contact form if I don't have PHP installed ?

    phpFormGenerator is in fantastico, my error! Personally I would not use it other than to create a few forms to see how they work then you can just do your own using the same coding principles!
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    I need help quick. command list to get you started, this is obviously not an exhaustive list but is a good starting reference. I use Debian 5 though and am aware that some commands are different for centos 5
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    I need help quick.

    To interact with your VPS you only need 2 things PuTTY + related softwares, the keygen and whatnot featured in the installer WinSCP Which is a GUI based alternative to PuTTY that if you are familiar...
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    The Footwear Industry

    add to ignore list Yes
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    The Footwear Industry

    fractfeline, first of all it seems that for some reason you have decided to spend a lot of time following me around on forums and bad mouthing / slandering me. I assume it is because you do not know any better. Me being arrested, false arrest has nothing to do with this thread. It is not...
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    POEM - I wish I knew, By MattG - britishnproud

    should be "Or maybe I am smart but the poem is not up to the mark?" I consider your first remark to be most likely although it too is a poorly constructed sentence. If you are so smart why have you found it so difficult to say for whatever reason that you do not like the poem? I am not...
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    Blame someone else for death by Iraq War!

    war game?
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    POEM - I wish I knew, By MattG - britishnproud

    if you say so.
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    POEM - I wish I knew, By MattG - britishnproud

    A poem I write, narrated and published via video.
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    Blame someone else for death by Iraq War!

    Here's how it works; You are paying for the war and those being pepper bombed blame you for it, but here you can pretend it is not really your fault for being greedy, ignorant and stupid. Explain to the victim why it is not your fault, less that 100 words. I will start; I tried to stop it...
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    How many times a day do you...

    1. 25 +, I graze, only eat raw food and eat whenever I feel like doing it. 2. I did not count, but I will send you a PM with images tomorrow 3. If I used facebook I would be responsible for the monster that is being created.... Facebook uses you for 'advertising revenue and datamining' user =...
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    Word Association

    42 (see hitchikers guide to...)
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    Comment Script?

    wordpress is a good starter blogging kit, then there is drupal for the more advanced solution.