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    Website not up but cPanel is?

    I'm using Google Chrome so I get this error (Instead of a blank page or whatever) cPanel: alz454 I swapped the domain name to this one a few days ago and it seems like it hasn't worked. I can access the cPanel through though. I can access FTP too...
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    How long does a Domain name change take?

    Question is the title. How long does a domain name change take? It was and I changed it to So I was just wondering how long it took. Because I can't access any of them.
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    PHP Error...

    Ok, thanks. I'll do that now.
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    PHP Error...

    I recently requested my account to be deleted so I could use a different hosting package, I recreated it, also chose another name, requested the PHP to be upgraded. It's supposedly upgraded. And it's done exactly the same as my old website. Thanks, - Alz
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    Link exchange with a graphics design-related site!

    I'm working on a graphic-related site at the moment, it should be done by tomorrow. I'll exchange links then.
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    What is the Google PageRank of your site?

    When I try to find out it just says 'Datacenter Down'.
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    [OFF][150 Credits]Selling Advertisement Spaces Credits sent.
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    Selling permanent links for 15 credits

    Link: Description: WebHelp - for all of your website needs. Sending credits now :)
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    White border around site

    Using a background image will result in white bits around the image in bigger resolutions than the image. Set the background colour to the bottom of the image colour.
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    Who likes the New Google Chrome

    You can make themes for it already. Also there's more colours here:
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    Anyone tried Google Chrome?

    I'm trying it out now. It's alright, it doesn't have all of the skins and add-ons that Firefox and IE have but it has a lot of unique features like the 'Incognito' window, the Task Manager etc. but as you said, it's still in Beta version so they might be added later on. But there is a lot more...
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    [REQ][15 + (7*x) points]Post in/Join my Forums for Credits

    Registered with Alz, posted 8 posts.
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    I've updated it.
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    Trade links

    Yeah, me too: Title: WebHelp. URL: Description: All of your website needs.