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    Request to increase disc space

    Database and files are two very different things. Do NOT touch databases at all. You want to delete the folder /wb/ from file manager (verify that you don't need any files you uploaded to /wp/wp-content first), path for that would be like: USER/domains/DOMAINNAME/public_html/wp/ This folder...
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    I hope the administrator will delete my account. Thank you!

    The service has been set for termination, give it a few minutes and you should be able to create new service. Keep in mind that unless you acquire the domain from a third party you can only use the ones we provide freely, any custom domain will not work unless registered else where and...
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    Request to increase disc space

    You still have 250mb worth of files located in /wp/, those are not used as you say you uninstalled, which means the files in that folder is considered abandoned. The question was not weather you abandoned the project as a whole, but rather the installation in that folder. If unused you should...
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    Request to increase disc space

    Denied. Over half your usage comes from a non working WordPress install located in /wp/, by the looks the corresponding database has been deleted as well which further indicates that it is an abandoned project. As it stands now this means the request to increase has to be denied, all files must...
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    More Disk Space

    Denied. Your account do not meet all the requirements. One of the requirements is that you use at least 75% of the allotted diskspace. Also note that as per ToS you are only allowed a max of 500 mb for a video gallery, and if you did not create the videos yourself, or they are public domain...
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    Troubles installing MyBB

    Clear browser cache or attempt incognito mode or a different browser. It is known to be related to browser cache.
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    Country Blocked

    Can you please provide the error code that you receive when being told your country is blocked?
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    SSL Help

    Looks like you got it sorted, I see your site as being secure at this time.
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    MySQL Remote

    Free hosting does not offer what you need. Paid hosting should have the option for remote mysql, you may need to request it though. May I suggest that you send a inquiry before signing up to be sure using the form on our premium site:
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    Unknown error/ Spam block error (unblock request)

    The block was a temporary block which should have been lifted by now. Note that you would have been warned before getting blocked for attempting to add a disallowed domain name.
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    Once you meet the requirements as specified by spacresx you can ask to get the diskspace increased. The increase can be requested several times as long as you use 75% of the currently allotted space and the site is in line with our ToS.
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    Critical Error On Wordpress

    Correction, we do not provide any scripts at all. The Softaculous one click installer is a third party script handler that we have implemented in order to make it easier for our users to install scirpts for the site(s). I just switched you to PHP version 8.0 and that seem to have brought your...
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    You do not currently meet all the requirements for upgraded diskspace.
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    Unable to Add Domain

    Are you getting any error message? If so please provide the error message so we can look into it further.
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    How to Fix My Full Inodes

    You had a ton of session files on your account (48000 + actually). I cleared those, your users will need to log back in though as a consequence.