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  • I just wanna thank you and the entire staff team that help and provides this amazing service. When I found this host and community I fell in love. You truly live up to your name and promises. I highly recommend your services to my friends. You all do amazing work and I love being here thanks so much
    I'm giving you some reps starting today for the excellent means I observed you perform on IRC chat in regards to courteous customer service. Yours is an example other Admins should follow more. You are, in my opinion, a worthy, contributing asset to x10; deserving of recognition. Keep up the outstanding work!

    merry xmas and a happy new year to you!

    i have forgotten how to access the control panel since all the changes and not sure of the username and password can you help me with this? also i am unable to automate emails from my site anymore so can you tell me what i need to do to fix this?
    Thanks very much


    and whats a name server? what should i write in my settings to get the domain? pls help..
    I love this site because it gives a space free hosting sites, but before you delete a site should be sent by email alert, for example, I made a big mistake and not the upload.php file is secure, it upload only the images of extension "jpg". The image is a danger to the server?

    please answer me
    anna plz educate me on what i should upload and what i should not upload because i was been banded of ignorance. thks for your help
    Hello, is there anyway you could respond to the lost data thread that I started, I can not get any admin to anwser and I have looked over several pages and still have yet to find an anwser to the problem...

    Thanks Anna
    i got error with SQL data base login. is it SQL server change for my account ?
    Access denied for user 'gushima'@'' (using password: YES) in
    can you link my hosting account and forum account. I've made post in free hosting forum but no one is helping me there.
    re: my suspended site.

    Thanx so much for going to so much trouble for me - It's much appreciated as the site is a little project my 9 year old daughter have been doing together.

    Thanks again ❤ Kathleen.
    ( kat369 )
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