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  • Hi,

    Are you talking about the mysql and its bar below it showing 2/3 , It means you are using two databases, Total allowed are 3
    Support is closed for everyone. I've unsuspended your account.

    You need to disable the chat. As per TOS chat/shoutbox scripts is disallowed due to the amount of resources they demand.

    From log: "PATH_TRANSLATED=/home/trillion/public_html/socialnetwork/chat_ajax.php"
    still the page is going to
    check one more time, All the databse parameters are correct or not measn like db_username, db_name etc..
    I think it i in /home/trillion/public_html/socialnetwork/include/class_database.php

    check it.
    The mysql database host should be "localhost" instead of ""

    check it.
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