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  • @Danielx386: Name was green since I was set as on vacation :) Was out of town for a few days.
    @td2009 Oh yes, I saw the flags. And I also saw that you are using Google translate service for your translation, which is prohibited and thus your account is still in violation of TOS.
    lady anna
    can you tell me those flags thet i placed on all of my forums pages are accepted?
    please please accepted.
    @gsonline: Yes, they have to confirm the friendship to show as friends on profile.
    When I add some users to my contact list. Do they have to confirm as friend to show in friends list on profile.
    and comunity advocate said:
    Far as I know as long as -anyone- can use the language switcher, it should be fine to stick it in whatever language you want by default.

    I'd still make sure it's easily findable though - some I've seen online use the "flag=language" idea where you've got a row of flags, and you click yours to change language. That'd work cause even if "Change Language" or "Translate" was written in another language, you still try clicking the flag to change it
    what is the point in not using the gadgets ? it just translate my language to english just perfect ! and yet you are insisting on not to use this feature ! ?
    and according to corey one reason was that using those gadgets was misused ! in a way that users would translate other contents rather than their own forum's contents ! and thats why they banded such thing!
    but using google translate service you yourself can observe and test the contents to see whether they are of the same contents or not .
    to cut a long story short , corey said that just prepare sth that can let us understand what you have out there! so that we can understand what your forum is about.
    @td2009 Like I said after December 1st google translate gadget and other similar services will not be allowed. Forums are tricky, you'd need to have English as main language in the posts as well.
    can i use google translate for it or english flag for translate the text ?
    if u ordered me i do it well
    @td2009: The translation is not for me only, it has to be accessible for all staff and visitors of you site, basically you need to set up an English mirror site. Somewhere on you site there needs to be a link to the version in English so anyone can find the translation.
    lady anna tanx for all of your explainations
    do i have to tarnslate all post in my forum for you or translate all text in my host that they are uploded there ?
    please tell me
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