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    Gettting a forum on your website?

    True, PHPbb is a great forums system, I've been using it for the past 2 years. I've heard of fluxbb, but it seems simple, although that's a good thing for many people.. Also, didn't x10 get rid of Fantisico? (Sad.. I LOVE that, one of the main reasons I prefer free cPanel hosts.. Any other...
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    Mega Facebook notes leak!

    That's freaking crazy. o.o' How'd that happen? ~Blaze
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    Some Facts about Coffee

    That's pretty cool. I always thought that stronger coffee has a higher level of caffeine.. =P ~Blaze
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    Halo Teletubbies Mod *video*

    Hey guys, My clan and I found this sick map, where you play as WEAPON BEARING TELETUBBIES =D Here's the video of the carnage: ~Blaze
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    Stoli Locked up or just bugging out..

    Sup, Stoli seems to be either locked up, or just not working correctly *is there a difference?* It keeps connecting, and dropping connections. Only HTTP seems to be acting up, FTP loads fine. FTP speeds are also better than Apache's... ~Blaze
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    Anyone enjoying Left 4 Dead?

    Lol, I like both Left4Dead, and WaW xD, Prefer L4D more thou, it has a larger map span =O ~Blaze
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    Halo Wars!

    o.o Graphics? That shouldn't be an issue at all, considering they won't nerf the graphics for the PC. if anything the lowest settings would be the graphics of the 360. ~Blaze
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    Is My CPU Underclocked?

    Basically Smith answered it. You can, however, flash the dell bios*I believe* to unlock some settings. Not 100% sure on this thou. *never tried* ~Blaze
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

    635 =O ~Blaze
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    Fallout vs. Oblivion

    oh god, tough choice. Fallout 3 was pretty damn short compared to Oblivion, and elongated game play is the win =P I'll choose Oblivion =D ~Blaze
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

    505.. Boo.. umm sure I'll PM you lol ~Blaze
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    Hey, Any computer tech's here?

    Wow, thanks for the Infrarecorder, Now I can keep a few ISO's on my pendrives =D ~Blaze
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

    505 Nooo.. Where arth thou TeamB? ~Blaze
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    Awesome! I'm 18 =D

    haha, Nice list. Hope you succeed in that, if that's what your tying to do. I'm going to college for MicroBiology, or Cryogenics. *Probally gonna minor in a Tech field,* My family owns 3 hotels, all over the place, we have one in Ohio, one in PA, and one in NC. I'm probably gonna help build it...
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    Hey, Any computer tech's here?

    Nice, thanks guys. I installed the PortableApps suite thing, *the one w/e Openoffice, the one right before that* Comes with random things, nothing really useful, but needed it for CCleaner. I actually have a 3-4 month old Hirens boot CD lying around. Good stuff =P I have a friend in college...