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    Count to 1 Million

    2477 combo breakers following this reply
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    .php files routinely deleted

    Hi, Am I doing anything wrong (or lack thereof) when chopin deletes all my hosted .php files pretty much every other week? All other files are intact. SQL databases are safe. My account has not expired since the second week I signed up for service. Thanks,
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    Unable to access site from a given location (again)

    Hi, The problem with location-based access restriction, described at ( has happened again. Is it my problem? And if it is, what are the steps to...
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    Am I IP banned?

    Hi! My free hosting is on chopin. I did a 5-point ping at the same time from 5 locations. Here is what I found: - server cannot be found on my usual IP, 99.235.*.*. - server can be found from a school computer next door. - server can be found from my other computer, located in the...
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    Affected by "r57 shell" php via upload script

    Hi, I got an email sent to me from my upload script (using the mail() function whenever an upload is detected) that someone uploaded "e.jpg.php" on a page that only supports uploading of jpg files. The upload page (mysite:// upload/index.php, now removed) had a stat counter that tells me...