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    A GREAT 0.01 per click PTC site

    dude 9,000+ members and only 1,900 usd paid...
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    A GREAT 0.01 per click PTC site

    ok sorry
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    A GREAT 0.01 per click PTC site

    i have a great site #1 on the charts and people report cashing out with $2000+ using referals as well! USE the link below LINKLINKLINKLINK NOT referal link....PLEASE USE OTHER ONE =D ITS A GREAT PTC SITE ALTHOUGH...IT IS ALERTPAY register on alertpay HERE
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    Giving 20,000 credits for the best website design!

    i can make you one out of an image...xP not good html, php, ect....
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    Need GOOD advertising

    i need GOOD advertising...i will pay good...please show me proof of your records...I will pay more for BETTER here or pm for will be a 468x60 banner =P link to my site: LINK
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    credits to post on my forum

    i will pay credits to post on my forum...details below new post: 2credits new thread: 4credits ONLY OPEN FOR 3-4 DAYS SO HURRY UP =D LInk to forum: FORUM LINK please put your username you used...and how many posts without the threads (like if you have 10 posts and 3 threds 10-3=7 posts =D)...
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    How To make an Icey Text Effect with adobe photoshop...GREAT FOR SIGNATURES

    THIS isn't a tut...but here is a link to my video tut i made...=D if you like it comment on here AND youTube please =D...Also if it helped gve me a Rep+...only takes 10seconds is only 2:59 minutes long Link: Icey Text TuT Video ENJOY
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    Animated Text/Banner for small credits

    I can make some flash text/banners for LITTLE credits -Banner=110 credits -Text= 85 credits IT WILL BE IN HTML!!! I WILL GIVE YOU HTML!!! please look at it before you give me credits =P...and i know i own corey one =D... corey if you look at this post here =P Edit: some links to my other...
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    Post And Make Credits!

    I have a new forum that i want to make grow...I will pay the following credits to post New Thread: 3 credits Each Post: 2 credits Please post here how many of each and your user name you are using on my forum...LINK TO FORUM IS HERE Also please post your reviews for my i can make...
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    Easy $$$$$$$$$$$$

    want to make easy cash? YOU CAN...i found a EXCELLENT ptc site (it is not a scam...i checked 1st) you can actually surf the PTC sites....not just click and wait!...there are MANY contests...earn by: Click links, Read Ads, Paid to Sinup, AND click exchange system...HERE IS THE LINK LINK hope you...
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    How To Make An Icey/Glass Look On Adobe Photoshop

    i made a tutorial on this because i thought...."Hey...i shoudl tell people how to do this..becuse i didn't know till i screwed around with stuff for a hour". Please give me a rep+ if you liked it/it helped you at all...:biggrin: 1)fill the back ground of your layer with a color (im using...
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    New Logo...(did fast)

    this is my new logo...did in about 6-8min (im hoping to make somthing better than this soon though....just temperary) Edit:heres new one...MADE MUCH BETTER Kinda made it look like it was covered by ice....guess i should've made a lightened glass layer over i said i'm going to...
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    Arcade games?

    i got a question that has been itching at my brain....WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE ARCADE!? why would you spend 10k of you hard earned credits TO BUY GAMES THAT YOU CAN GE AT ADDICTINGGAMES.COM for FREE... can anyone clarify the reasoning behing 10k credits...and the arcade...also i want to see if...
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    Smiliey avatars!

    i will make anyone who wants one a smiliey avatar (like one in my av, but i can also put in hair/glasses/cigarettes, ect.) the more complicated the more it will cost...;)... 50 credits for basic one like in my av +10 credits per addon (hair/glasses/cigarettes, ect.) Just give me detaisl of...
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    Are you making money off ur PTC?

    i found a great site with a list of PTC scam sites....i'll post SOME of the list here...the link to the site is here LIST: 1 (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz)