How To Make An Icey/Glass Look On Adobe Photoshop


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i made a tutorial on this because i thought...."Hey...i shoudl tell people how to do this..becuse i didn't know till i screwed around with stuff for a hour". Please give me a rep+ if you liked it/it helped you at all...:biggrin:

1)fill the back ground of your layer with a color (im using black), use paintbucket

2)take a good grunge brush (you can find some at ) and brush along the this

3)type the text you using BorderLineSigs...if you want screw around with the outer glow/Emboss, Bevel...i'm making 3 layers of text b/c i want more than 1 outerglow color...
1st text layer im using Overlay 100% opacity, technique: softer... and a purple to orange gradient, and bevel: inner bevel, texture: smooth, depth: 1000%, direction: Up, size: 60px, soften: using the bevel for all of them
2nd text layer is overlay, 65% opacity, 0% noise, color is 00fff0...technique: softer, spread: 14%, size: 117px, quality is, range:50% jitter: 0px...bevel is same as 1st text layer
3rd text layer is overlay, 100% opacity, 0% noise, color is ff0000, technique: softer, spread: 0%, size:0px bevel is same as layer 1 and 2
should look like this:

4) then duplicate layer 1 (or bg) and place it ABOVE the txt...go to filter>distort>glass i used; distortion: 10, smootness: 15, texture: frosted, scaling: 200%...but you can mess around with it if you like...then make the layer blending lighten.​
it should look like this now:
5) duplicate the layer we just used glass do the same thing (go to filter>distort>glass) but this time make it so distortion is 20​
it should now look like this:
6) you may say "it STILL missing something"...well i found it...duplicate the layer we just made... (mine was layer 1 copy) and then go to filter>distort>ocean ripple. i used these demensions; ripple size: 15, ripple magnitude: 20​
it should now look like this:

GRATZ YOUR DONE!!! Hope you hade fun...please post results/comments =D​