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  • free hosting support forum....

    this is for comment message not for support....

    visitor message is for saying hi....
    Mate Can You Help Me Out ..... i trying to install vbulliten......but i get this error could you tell why i getting this error

    Warning: ignore_user_abort() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/imwatim/public_html/install/installcore.php on line 15
    Hi, is it possible if i sent x10 a traffic exchange script they would be able to set it all up for me in my new domain. i really dont have a clue how to do it. any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,
    brandon can i ask u how did high resourceful useage come

    is it u install too many stuff on the site????
    I would also need new tyres every otherday.I do enjoy jamming around in the cooper s every now and then, but its not mine so I take it easy( yeah right, 110km/h in 2nd :) )
    i wait for 3 more hrs here timing is 9:17am 12:17pm

    And Can You Reply to my thread so later i wont double post....
    Well just got back to my home country(SA) the other day and felt it fit to spend some time with the lady.
    Car just decided to go down and out on me, so that in to get sorted :(
    Other than that not much B. is my domain and when i am trying to park it, It is saying that i had already parked this domain. Probably, someone has parked it on his / her account. Please, let me know who had parked my domain?

    Username : entertainpk - Cpanel : bbilal
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