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    subdomain name question

    hello guys! i want to ask about subdomain names. for example i purchased a domain name from other providers, then im using x10 free hosting. let's say my domain name is, so i used that, what if i make a subdomain from x10host, can i put let's say EDIT: to...
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    Check out my site

    Good day! As vintage7 suggested, making the 'Gigs' page your landing page instead of 'About Us' is better. Also, learn to use the correct aspect ratio to avoid the stretching of images in your slider. It may not be directly connected to the design of the site but it still counts. It looks like...
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    x10 free host Themeforest capabilities

    Good day! I'm planning to use x10 free hosting for my upcoming web templates to be submitted in Themeforest marketplace. There's a feature there called Live Demo, and it is required to have one when you're selling a web template. That means you need to have your web template running for...
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    Your Username

    My username should be my full name. It didn't fit.
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    Why does my site takes 15-20 seconds to fully load?

    Thanks for breaking it down. I'm actually counting it manually. Thanks for the link. I see that the Perf grade is 71/100. Is it considered a low score?
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    Why does my site takes 15-20 seconds to fully load?

    All images are below 1M. Mostly 300 kb and one 700 kb. I have a total of only 5 images used in the site. I'm pretty sure that's not the case of the load time, although it may contribute to it if I add more in the future.
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    Why does my site takes 15-20 seconds to fully load?

    Hello guys! I'm making an Adobe Muse template for Themeforest for selling. I uploaded my site here and I just have a question. It takes 15-20 seconds to fully load the site, even though it's unfinished yet and more will be added. So I assume after finishing the...