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    which is better? firefox or IE?

    IE 0 - FX 0 Opening the program... IE loads a bit faster and uses less memory than FX IE 1 - FX 0 Typing the address. Using FX3 RC1 you can notice a very improved address bar. I have to type just a few letters, and the site I want is here. IE 1 - FX 1 Rendering. After data has completed to...
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    Fun with Microsoft SAM

    I know you can find the place where the computer says "You have selected Microsoft Sam as the computer's default voice" I know this is old stuff, but it's still funny. Let Sam say - bu - crotch - soy Some variations I've found on the net soif (with the speed at the minimum possible...
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    Como cambio mi username en el foro?

    Pues eso.. que como cambio mi username en el foro? Otra cosa.. puedo tener digamos y tambien supongo que si abro otra cuenta infrinjo el TOS, pero puedo hacerlo con una sola cuenta?
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    How can I Instatiante objects dynamically in PHP?

    I have a question: Is there any way to reference a class? For example, I dont want to create an object until I make use of it. So I would like to have something like an ObjectManager that would return me an object when I request it. the ideal code would be class classA{ //code here }...
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    3 tier web dev with php

    I've been using and I've found VERY usefull the ms architecture for building web sites. I would like to do the same with php but I noticed that to achieve it, I would needed to write a *lot* of php. Using asp, i can inherit from the System.Data.DataSet object and I have table...
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    IE and CSS help

    Hello. Im in the hard process of forgetting everything I know about tables and make everything with divs and stylesheets. But I still have some trouble getting what I want. 1)How can I center all the contents of the page? I want all the contents centered, but inside the contents in the div...
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    [Help] Suse 9.3 Live Montor Frequency

    Im trying to boot my pc with a Suse 9.3 Live cd. The system loads the kernel, makes the hardware init, and suddenly the monitor turns off and shows a bouncing box with a text " Hz ? ". In the boot options I can write some parameters, and I think that it should exist any parameter that let me...
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    php.ini path

    I've just unzipped and installed php 5 in Apache2 and IIS 5 (C:\php). I couldn't realize why PHP was not accepting the changes I made in php.ini, so I did a phpinfo() file and one of the rows showed this Configuration File (php.ini) Path = C:\WINDOWS "C:\WINDOWS"??? I've unzipped this...
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    my Photoshop is color-blind!!!

    A fresh win installation, and a fresh CS2. But all the grayscale seems a redscale!!! I've found something named "color profiles", and I put RGB profile to the monitor profile (a .icm file I found). The problem was solved when working in the rgb space, but when I try to work with a grayscale...
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    Which Linux Should I Use?

    I will install linux for the first time in my pc, but there's a lot of flavors that I have never tasted. All I need is: apache/php Kdevelop (c++, delphi, java, etc...) mp3 (amarok) (i have listen people saying that suse doesn't plays mp3) openoffice and everything that a normal human that...
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    Can I dispatchEvent() in ActionScript 2.0?

    Talking about Flash 8 and AS2 and components I want to dispatch events, but i dont want to inherit everything from uiobject or uicomponent. I've tried to dispatch events from a class, but it only works when it is extending one of the v2 components. Does anybody knows how to use events without...
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    having trouble with IE + MSOXMLED: the wildest worm!

    A fresh windows installation with msoffice right click in the "data.xml" file> open with>, internet explorer... IE gets warned and says "what should I do with this downloaded file?". "Downloaded"? :wtf: its on my hd!!! ok, I choose Open and check "never ask again"... and guess which program...
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    ADSL and number of PC's

    My telephone operator offers ADSL, but the cheaper plan has a limit to 1 pc, and I have 2 Pc's!!, they use DHCP, but I think that I can share the internet connection to the other computer through a second ethernet card and they will not note it. am I guessing right?
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    2d animation software

    Ok, 3dstudio, maya, renderman, poser, swift and a very long etc... But, what about rugrats, the simpsons, sponge bob... which software or technique is used?
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    How can I distribute 240GB?

    I've just bought one of those 160GB SATA HD and I hope it will become the best friend of the 80GB IDE HD currently on my pc. But I am really doubting how to partition them. I'll install both linux and windows. What's the best way of doing that. I mean, what filesystem, volume size and where to...