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    crazy wifi idea-need help

    So, i have a dell x51v pda which can access the internet through the usb connection to my pc. Through the pda's wifi adapter i can wirelessly connect to my laptop. Being too cheap to buy an actual wifi router i want to find a way to bridge the two connections in the pda so i can use it as a...
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

    990 Yeah man
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    What do you think?

    Why descriminate against a group of people for no reason? Why is it that just because someone is different it is ok to tell them they cannot do something? In my mind you people are no better than Hitler, you just hate them because they are different.
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    Same Sex Parents?

    So what a lot of you are saying is that they shouldn't be allowed to have kids because the parents beleifs are against the mainstream opinion, corect? So by your logic Muslims and Jews in America shouldn't have kids because the majority of america is Christian. Black and asian people...
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    I thoroughly enjou meat. most often it should probably be cooked more but really red meat is the bestest. I just dont understand vegetarians and vegans. well more meat for me
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    Gimp vs photoshop

    Me being rather artisticly chalenged find photoshop totaly unnecesary. and adobe has a habit of writing doc's that you need to be a dictionary to understand at least for the advanced things. well i guess most free software has crappy docs too. It is all a pain
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    Are you a Lefty, Moderate or Righty?

    the one conservative idea i absolutely and completely disagree with is banning gay marriage. You people are no better than Hitler slaughtering the jews because they were different. The Government is openly discriminating against a group of people which is the exact oposite of the ideals on...
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    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

    The way i view things is that the child is not alive until it is born it is sort of like an independant organ in the body. Like other non-vital organs i think that i thinkit should be able to be removed should a doctor determine that carying out the pregnancy would damage the woman's health.
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    well windows vista sucks and i cant change the os on my computer so i resolved to sticking fedora 9 into virtalbox and using that all the time i also downloaded the windows 7 beta today it seems better by a long shot
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    Zero Tolerance

    You know i love how motivational these things are it feels like you guys are just about to form a mob and run the software pirates out of town or something. Way to go corey tolerance is what killed so many empires in the past
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    Greetings from Beach City Riders

    Lets give a round of aplause for Beach City Riders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Corey Got married!!

    Yeah just in case any of you did not know he got married a couple of days ago!
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    Building a computer

    Well you could scrap your old compputer and use its parts if it has any good ones thats free!!!~!
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    Loosing my mind

    This whole day i have been loosing my train of thought about every 5 minutes. It makes it really hard to concentrate does anyone else have this problem
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    How old are x10Hosting members?

    well im just prehistoric. that ramses guuy had a great sense of humor i've lost a lot of good friends over the centurys