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    intring parse error

    Posting the script might help, at a guess, a missing ; or } will be to blame though
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    MYSQL help

    The vars you're getting from post vars $firstname=$_POST['Name']; $message=$_POST['Message']; doesn't match the values you're inserting in the table mysql_query("INSERT INTO Feedback (Firstname, Message) VALUES ('$Name, '$Message')"); change the above insert to match the vars you...
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    MYSQL help

    In you're script if($submit=="submit"){ is always going to evaluate to false, because, in your form, the value for submit is "Submit" not "submit". Thus, the db connect and subsequent insert isn't ever going to happen. Try replacing that line with this instead if ($submit=="Submit") { or...
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    Simple Header Script, Need Help

    You might wanna correct the typo's in the style tags too ;) eg </sytle> to </style>
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    Apache 2.2.10 and PHP 5.2.6

    You need to check your php.ini file, and the httpd.conf file for apache, it would seem to be the case that php isn't getting loaded correctly, which suggests mis-configuration in one of those files. Without knowing your setup, or what you have configured, it's difficult to make a diagnosis...
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    Apache 2.2.10 and PHP 5.2.6

    Always helpful with windows error messages to search (google/whatever) on the actual fault address, a search on 'fault address 0x00001085' threw up this as first result. Scroll down and you'll find info about commenting out any...
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    Old school, innit?

    You don't have to use tables, not using a stylesheet doesn't automatically mean you need tables. You could use in-line styles, ie styles attached to the tags, taking the original code example, with inline styles, looks like this, not a table in sight... <html> <head> <title>Inline...
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    Firefox alignment issue

    What text editor are you using? Could be that yours doesn't fully support utf-8 (even if it says it does) The validator indicates the problem is at line 80, so have a look around that line in your code and see if any special characters jump out at you, and either remove or replace them. Quick...
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    Found it!

    Do-able with JS, simple example here
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    I haven't played around with music files in webpages for a long time, however, this should cover most browsers (replace mytune.wav with the path and filename of your music file of course) <embed src="mytune.wav"></embed> <noembed> <bgsound src="mytune.wav"> </noembed> FWIW, background...
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    Firefox alignment issue

    It'd help if we knew how it's supposed to look. At a guess you're talking about the sponsors and stats links appearing in a separate column to the nav links etc. but that's just a guess, as to me, other than the vast area of white space it creates below the stats, I can't see any problems with...
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    Possibility of replying to text messages sent from mobile using the portal

    There's a number of ways to do this, the easiest of which is to sign up with an SMS gateway provider such as (not a recommendation, just an example). Most providers have API's which allow you to send and/or receive messages from/to your site via SMS using standard http...
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    1 isn't working :S

    I see what you're seeing vigge, using FF 3.01. Can't see any obvious reason for it, but it's clearly a script issue, as the source shows correctly, so try taking your scripts out one by one, and see which one is causing it.
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    Table not rendering in IE

    Hehe, not sure on the strange results you're getting with the dtds, then again, I never code pure js rendered pages myself, so it could be any number of things, I'd need to look more closely at your scripts and css to have an idea (no time tonight, but I don't mind giving it a look tomorrow if...
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    Table not rendering in IE

    Try adding a valid doctype declaration (DTD) to your markup, IE's operating in quirks mode without it, which causes all manner of odd behaviour. Slightly OT, it's not a good idea to rely entirely on JS to render your page content, it's inaccessible to anyone with JS turned off, or using a text...