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    x10's registered CloudFlare is "stuck" on my domain(s).

    Hi, A CloudFlare account was created as well when you activated the domains, so you can login and remove the connection by logging in to your CloudFlare account & going to the DNS settings for the domain (there is a button on that page to remove the connection). If you no longer have the login...
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    Cloudflare Vs Incapsula Vs Others?

    Curious as to why you wouldn't just give CloudFlare a try because it is already an option in x10's panel options?
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    Cloudflare Error

    "Hi forum! :smile:I've a free website with subdomain. I'm intresting by the Cloudflare service ad i've tried to activate this on the cPanel. After registration on the service, when i click on the grey cloud symbol it return this error: "CloudFlare is already hosting "" under a...
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    You should see it as an option in your hosting provider's cPanel.
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    CloudFlare - Free Site Security and CDN-like Caching

    Hi techairlines, "Nope, no ads at all." The only ads that would appear on the interstitial page before someone hits your site/server. A more detailed explanation can be found at Quora. It is important to note that this page is *only presented* to site visitors that may be problematic...