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  • what am i doing? i am having severe problems starting a website. I have completed what i thought was the last of the forms, still no website access. how do I cancel everything? I do not wish to do this anymore.
    You do relise Stoli is offline... *urges Daniel S to contact an admin*
    Hey Daniel, if you have time can you look at my account deletion thread? Much appreciated if you could help with it.

    To anybody posting here requireing hosting support, My answer to your question is: Create a thread in the Free Hosting Support Forum.

    Thank you.
    Hi Daniel,
    just read post about requesting support in your profile, sorry if i am not meant to. but hi anyway.
    Hi Daniel,
    Can you please help? account suspended because no ads, new to all of this only using wysiwyg software and a lot of it goes over the top of my head. Just found the page with the codes for the banners/ads. Thought the ads would have been put on automatically, my mistake.
    Cheers if you could help.
    Hi, My account was suspended and my domain was stuck on my account, and now it wnt let me switch DNS. I need my account deleted so I can re assign my domain and I posted a thread but with no answer any help? my cPanel is kisuke.
    can u help me plz mi acount is suspended while uploading joomla instal

    plz help grtz dafke

    thx for this incredible service btw

    I have unsuspended your account, Their is currently a problem with the high resouce usage detection script that is causing this. It should be fixed soon.
    i just got my account and i just uploaded a small html file to see if it'll work
    tight after that my account got suspended for "High server resource usage" for 15min it said, but i had to go

    that was allready 14 hours ago, and it is still suspended

    i didn't actually do anything, and my account is still not back online...

    what did go wrong?

    - vincent
    Hello Daniel S

    I'm Nyi Nyi from Myanmar.
    My account has been suspend by no index change reason.
    i want back to use my account.
    request u

    Best Regards,
    Nyi Nyi

    i have a quesition. i have a wordpress blog hosted on here. this is the link: http://spoiledforchoice.x10hosting.com/index.php
    i just started getting this error:
    Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

    i didn't change anything and it working fine an hour ago. mysql in cpanel seems to be okay. can you help? thanks!
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