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  • ahh... ok looking at that example I think your prob might lie with the server side *.asp script.
    You could look at changing that for a bit of php.

    return date('H:i:s');

    call the above file "time.php"
    and change this in your script "xmlHttp.open("GET","time.asp",true);" to this "xmlHttp.open("GET","time.php",true);"

    Just taking a stab in the dark here as I dont have my laptop out to test it :(
    Well I finish work at 4:00am, so when I get home I am going to be looking for the bed more than the chair.
    AJAX should work as mostly it consists of JavaScript, PHP and xml. I have tested a AJAX real time search form on a free server and had no problems with getting it to work.
    Well its now evening and I am at work(casino) so I can say I was feeling much better this afternoon when I was sitting in the comfort of my room :(
    So in your month at x10 how are you finding our services ?
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